The Entertainment Industries #1 source of Promotional & Investment Opportunities for Corporate & Individual Investors.

The Universal Venture Trust seeks to achieve capital growth in the different sectors of the Entertainment Industry. This will include providing financial assistance to Hollywood & Independent themed productions, companies seeking to outsource their operations and co-production of music, TV & movies with production houses in New York & Los Angeles.

In addition, the Trust may, in the absolute discretion of the Directors acting on advice from appropriately qualified investment advisers appointed by the Directors, invest part or all of its assets into listed companies operating in the same field.

Funding may also be made available to recognised and established Media and Entertainment companies that are engaged in the business of production, distribution, media and entertainment related to the Entertainment Industry.

The Universal Venture Trust also seeks contact with established Executive Producers with Film funding Sources, film Investors, Organizations, Matching Fund Sources, And other associations and corporations who fund motion picture and Broadways projects.

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