The Entertainment Industries #1 source of Promotional & Investment Opportunities for Corporate & Individual Investors.

Park Avenue Entertainment Group is a division of Park Avenue Venture Group, Ltd. Our goal is to establish ourselves in the Entertainment industry as the main source for promotion of Music & Entertainment Events in NYC & Los Angeles as well as provide an alternative investment strategy in the Entertainment Industry for Individual investors through The Universal Venture Trust.

The Universal Venture Trust incorporates all of the most potentially lucrative and exciting opportunities to capitalize on what we feel are the best sectors for success in the Investment Industry. At all times the fund maintains very diversified portfolio of investments to be able to limit the risk involved in investing in a single investment in any of the sectors included.

There has always been a very attractive view of Investing in the Entertainment industry. However, the risk associated with putting a single position/Investment into a particular Entertainment Project has always kept Individual investors on the sidelines of what The Investment Industry knows to be a potentially Extremely Lucrative Opportunity. The fund will continuously seek new opportunities that are usually not available to individual investors, through Park Avenue Venture Group Ltd.'s affiliates.

The allocation into the "Entertainment Industry" investments through the private equity sector of The Universal Venture Trust is structured to be a small percentage of the overall funds investments. With the Funds remaining Investment Sectors, we feel we have an opportunity to actively seek the most potentially lucrative opportunities in the Entertainment arena and still be able to maintain the level of performance for the funds overall success for the investors involved.

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